Having two kids in disposable diapers can get pretty expensive. So we began looking into other options. What could we do to save some money? Being a Pinterest lover, I searched and searched. One thing we are starting to try is making our own wipes. It’s pretty amazing! We can take the amount we would spend on 150 disposable wipes and make almost triple the amount of wipes that are more natural and alcohol-free.  I found this amazing recipe on Pinterest:  


We have also decided to try out cloth diapers which when I first thought of it I was completely scared! I’d never heard anything positive about them. I began to question: How do you use them? What kind do you pick? How do you wash them? How many do I need? Once again I Pinterest researched them and asked a great friend of mine about them. She recommended me to watching Naturally Thrifty Mom on YouTube. She has a series on cloth diapering called Cloth Diapering 101 that gives you everything you need to know! She was so helpful and informative. I definitely recommend her channel. There are 9 different videos that you can watch and learn all about cloth diapering. 


I just ordered our first shipment of cloth diapers and I am so excited about using them! Not only are they a SUPER money-saver, they are so adorably cute on your little one! I hope to be able to write more about cloth diapering and homemade wipes as the time goes on. 

Until next time,